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Equine Wellness Care

A bundle of services that we feel each horse should have yearly.

At Stone Ridge Equine Care, we firmly believe in providing the best possible care to our patients.  Having a veterinarian out during the year not just to vaccinate your horses but to examine them and address all facets of their health care is the best preventative measures we have for avoiding serious health issues.

We have created a bundle of services that we feel each horse should have yearly to ensure optimal health and performance:

General Wellness

  1. Semi-annual physical exams
  2. Vaccination: Eastern/Western Encephalitis, Strangles, Tetanus, Rabies, Potomac Horse Fever, West Nile and Rhino/Flu (semi-annual).
  3. Yearly coggins test
  4. Yearly dental exam and float (including sedation)
  5. Fecal checks twice per year

Senior Wellness (recommended for horses > 18 years of age)

  1. Semi-annual physical exams
  2. Semi-annual dental exams; dental float (including sedation)
  3. Vaccinations: Eastern/Western Encephalitis, Tetanus, Rhino/Flu (semi-annual), West Nile, Rabies and Potomac Horse Fever.
  4. Semi-annual fecal test
  5. Yearly coggins
  6. CBC and Blood Chemistry Panel

Feel free to contact the clinic for more information and enrollment, call us at (812) 867-7330.

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