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Stone Ridge Equine Care is now offering Shock Wave Therapy with our new PulseVet VersaTron machine! Shock wave therapy is a noninvasive, high energy, pressure wave treatment that is commonly used in both veterinary and human medicine. It helps the body in relieving pain, decreasing inflammation, and improving the quality of healing. This type of machine is able to penetrate to much deeper areas than most other types of modalities. “Shock wave” does not refer to an electrical shock, instead the machine uses high energy sound waves with a rapid increase in pressure to penetrate and help heal the area.

Our new Shock Wave machine can be used for numerous conditions such as:

  • Tendon & Ligament Injuries
  • Muscle Strains
  • Joint Injuries & Arthritis
  • Navicular Syndrome/Foot Lameness
  • Splints, Stress Fractures, & Buck Shins
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Wound healing

The PulseVet Shock Wave machine has been proven effective and is therefore covered by most insurance companies. The technology has been documented in extensive human and animal research and validated in thousands of clinical studies.

The average treatment is relatively fast and easy. The procedure is completely noninvasive, making the experience low stress for the horse. Typically, you can see results with 1-3 treatments. The machine is portable, and therefore can be done in the comfort of your barn. We are very excited to offer this new technology! The PulseVet will also be available for small animals through our sister business, Stone Ridge Animal Care!

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  • Penny King, Oblong IL

    I can’t say enough about Dr. Stone & his staff. They go above & beyond & take the extra mile to take care of your horses needs. They really care about what your horse really needs.

    They have been up all night with emergency colic surgery with a positive outcome. They saved a foal that was born three weeks early. I can’t even begin to tell everything we have been thru together. But I can tell you one thing, they don’t come any better than Dr. Stone & his staff. They are like family to our horses & us.”