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Haul In Horse Vet Services

Stone Ridge Equine Care offers a spacious state-of-the-art facility to accommodate all haul in horse vet services. Our equine clinic offers both single and double stocks in the treatment room. Horses that need to stay overnight for preventative care and treatment purposes utilize one of our large stalls equipped with video monitoring. Stone Ridge Equine Care’s new state of the art facility is easy to access off Highway 41 in Evansville IN, and has a large parking area for easy turn around.

24 Hour Horse Ambulatory Service

Stone Ridge Equine Care offers a 24-hour ambulatory service for our registered clients. This service can be used for everything from routine vaccinations and wellness check-ups to after hours emergencies.

Equine Surgery in Evansville IN

Stone Ridge Equine Care offers one of the few equine surgery suites in the Evansville area. Fully equipped with a surgery table, human grade Surgi-vet monitor, anesthesia machine, electrocautery machine, and large animal ventilator; our equine surgical clinic is prepared and available for various types of surgeries. This includes soft tissue, dystocias, cryptorchids, and colics just to name a few. We also have a fully padded recovery room to ensure safe and successful recoveries.

Mare and Stallion Reproductive Services

Equine reproduction is a very large and successful aspect of our clinic. Dr. Stone offers a variety of reproduction services for both the mare and stallion side of breeding. We can assist you throughout the entire breeding process, beginning with tracking your mare’s cycle, collecting the stallion and artificially inseminating your mare. Our reproductive services specialize in difficult, sub-fertile. We also perform a significant number of embryo transfers, if you prefer your mare not carry to term. A few of our stallion services include, stallion-training, collection, semen freezing, and shipping services.

Once the time arrives for your mare to give birth, you can bring her to one of our spacious foaling stalls. She will be closely monitored on our camera system and equipped with a foal alert. This will notify us so the moment she goes into labor so we can assist her if needed. We also provide neonatal intensive care for high-risk cases.

Equine Dentistry

We recommend to float a horse’s teeth once a year to smooth down all sharp points and hooks. To ensure all points and hooks on the horses teeth are removed, a power float is recommended. At Stone Ridge Equine Care we use a battery powered float with 3 different attachments to easily access every surface of the teeth. If your horse is having dental issues, we also provide dental extractions, dental radiology, and dental surgery.

Sports Medicine, for the Performance Horse

Another service provided by our clinic is equine sports medicine. We offer a large quantity of equine sports medicine services to get your performance horse ready for the show pen. Pre-purchase exams and lameness evaluations are very common procedures that we perform on a near daily basis. The digital x-ray, ultrasound, endoscope, gastroscope, and K-Laser are a few of our advanced equine diagnostic equipment available at Stone Ridge Equine Care. We also offer PRP, IRAP, and Stem Cell services.

Laboratory & Pharmacy

Our in-house lab offers results within minutes for diagnostic blood work testing, fecal samples, and semen evaluation. We also have access to many outside laboratories for further testing. The pharmacy at Stone Ridge Equine Care is fully stocked with a wide variety of over-the-counter medications and prescriptions.

Wellness & Preventative Plans

At Stone Ridge Equine Care, we firmly believe in providing the best possible care to our patients.  Having a veterinarian out during the year not just to vaccinate your horses but to examine them and address all facets of their health care is the best preventative measures we have for avoiding serious health issues. In an effort to make this care more available and affordable to our clients, we have created a bundle of services that we feel each horse should have yearly to ensure optimal health and performance.  As a reward to our clients who are willing to commit to a yearly health plan, we are offering all these services at a discount with involvement in a wellness plan. Feel free to contact the clinic for more information and enrollment.

General Wellness 2020

  1. Semi-annual physical exams
  2. Vaccination: Eastern/Western Encephalitis, Strangles, Tetanus, Rabies, Potomac Horse Fever, West Nile and Rhino/Flu (semi-annual).
  3. Yearly coggins test
  4. Yearly dental exam and float (including sedation)
  5. Fecal checks twice per year


Senior Wellness 2020 (recommended for horses > 18 years of age)

  1. Semi-annual physical exams
  2. Semi-annual dental exams; dental float (including sedation if needed)
  3. Vaccinations: Eastern/Western Encephalitis, Tetanus, Rhino/Flu (semi-annual), West Nile, Rabies and Potomac Horse Fever.
  4. Semi-annual fecal test
  5. Yearly coggins
  6. CBC and Blood Chemistry Panel
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